Spotlight Dorado

 McDonald’s USA is bringing back Spotlight Dorado, its multi-year platform aimed at empowering and amplifying Latino and Hispanic voices across different industries, starting off with film. Together with a roster of key industry leaders and film experts, we aim to support emerging filmmakers and screenwriters in the Latino and Hispanic community with the tools and resources they need to bring their stories to life. 

Through Spotlight Dorado, McDonald’s is using its influence and scale to help advocate for Latino and Hispanic representation in film. Our goal is to provide these talented storytellers with the platform, financing, and distribution to produce their films, while receiving invaluable mentorship from renowned industry leaders to help bring their stories to life and advance their careers. 

Our Commitment to the
Latino and Hispanic Community

Spotlight Dorado underscores McDonald’s long-standing commitment to championing the Latino and Hispanic community’s diverse culture and rich heritage through purpose-driven initiatives that fuel pride and representation. For more than three decades the Golden Arches has given back and connected with the Latino and Hispanic community through initiatives in music, education, and sports, as well as supporting local charities and organizations. All these actions aim to uplift the voices and stories of Latinos and Hispanics across the U.S.

Now entering its second consecutive year, the McDonald’s Spotlight Dorado short film contest continues to advocate for underrepresented filmmakers while taking actionable steps towards fueling new voices and driving change for Latinos and Hispanics in the film industry. The contest is free to enter and open to all U.S. Latinos and Hispanics regardless of experience, age, or background.